ECSA Gift Aid Appeal

We are appealing to members of ECSA for your support for the development of ECSA. Over recent decades, ECSA has steadily developed its international profile.  In its earliest days EBSA, later ECSA, was largely centred on activities in the UK, but with time has developed an international profile, with a range of international meetings to stand alongside the activities in the UK.  For example,  in 2011 conferences were held in South Africa and UK, 2012 meetings were in Lithuania, Venice, Italy (attended by over 500 people) and Scotland, and in 2013 a major ECSA meeting was held in Shanghai, China. The support for these meetings requires considerable effort from members of ECSA as volunteers.  At the same time we have sustained our relationship with Elsevier, with the publication of the journal Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science, including issues related to our scientific meetings.

In order to encourage rising generations of estuarine and coastal scientists around the world we have done our best to provide conference travel grants, free registrations to our major conferences  and small research awards from the “Charlie Boyden Memorial Fund”, and have recently inaugurated a “Peter Jones Memorial Prize” for the best first peer-reviewed publication by a young scientist. Our ability to make such awards is however limited by the availability of funds. As a member of ECSA we invite you to contribute to these funds. Your contribution will be used for the enhancement of these funds, both of which have the aim of encouraging the future development of estuarine and coastal science.  To make your contribution have the maximum effect we invite you (if you are a UK taxpayer) to consider making such a donation through the “Gift-Aid” scheme (ECSA Gift Aid Form attached). The Gift-Aid scheme, as you may know, enables the Association to claim an additional 25% from HM Government on top of your donation. Please make any cheque payable to ECSA, and mail it to The Treasurer (Martin Wilkinson at Heriot Watt University – address on attached form)

Beyond these two funds you might wish to establish an additional fund or prize either in your own name, or anonymously, or to commemorate another person. If so, please feel free to contact the President directly. Finally, we invite you to remember ECSA in your will.

Thank you for taking the time to read this appeal. Please do not hesitate to contact the President, Prof Kate Spencer if you have any questions or concerns.

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