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Our Mission

The Estuarine & Coastal Sciences Association is an international organisation dedicated to the promotion and advancement of multidisciplinary research into all aspects of estuaries and coasts, and the application of science and technology for their sustainable environmental management.

Our mission is to

  • To promote excellence in estuarine and coastal marine science, technology and management;
  • To focus on promoting young scientists and early-career academics;
  • To actively engage in global outreach with an emphasis on developing countries;
  • To enhance the privileges of membership.

ECSA, founded in 1971, has been involved in the organisation of more than 50 conferences to date, averaging one or more major events each year. Conferences have been held worldwide with future events planned for Africa, Asia and various locations across Europe.

ECSA has also supported many local meetings concerning individual estuaries or coastal areas. It also arranges specific scientific workshops dedicated to advanced training in contemporary methods for data collection and analysis.

ECSA has an associated international journal Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science and also supports the production of a variety of other scientific publications including a Bulletin for members, with two issues each year.

There are many benefits to membership of ECSA and if you want to join the Association please visit the Membership page.