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The Charles Boyden Fund for Small Grants

Charles Boyden was an excellent estuarine chemist whose life was tragically cut short. He was a founder member of the Association and made great efforts to promote it internationally. The ECSA small grants are awarded in honour of his name.

Categories of small grants

The maximum award for an ECSA Small Grant is £500 and the number of awards will depend on the Association having sufficient funds. Preference will be given to applications from research students who are ECSA members. An application must fall into one of the following categories:

Category A

  1. Participation in an academic conference with a personal presentation of the results of your research;
  2. Travel to engage in research relevant to your project by:
    1. Visits to libraries or other collections of research materials to specifically enhance your research
    2. Visits to laboratories
    3. Fieldwork

Category B

(N.B. Category B awards will only be given if sufficient funds are available after the payment of Category A awards):

  1. Participation in an academic meeting without presentation of your research
  2. Participation in a training course or workshop
  3. Scientific consumables and minor equipment

Terms and conditions

  • Applicants can be from anywhere in the world but must hold a current membership of ECSA.
  • Applicants must complete an application form and outline the benefit to their research for which funding is being sought. If you are applying for funds in Category A1, you must attach a copy of the Abstract of your presentation. Applications without proposals and Abstracts (where relevant) will not be considered.
  • The application form is only available to ECSA Members and will be shown at the bottom of this page when logged in.
  • Applicants must quote the most economical fares for travel. 
  • Applicants should note that confirmation of the conference/workshop registration fee must be included in receipts when claiming your reimbursement.
  • For postgraduates, supervisors should provide a supporting recommendation for the grant application. N.B. please include confirmation that (i) other funding is not available for this purpose; and (ii) that in category A1 the student is presenting the work herself/himself. The supervisor’s recommendation will be taken into account by the awarding committee.
  • Normal application deadlines are 1st February, May, August, November, although applications for conference presentations can be considered outside these dates. The application form should be submitted to the Honorary Secretary of ECSA.
  • All applications are judged on their merits and the Council’s decision will be final. ·
  • Successful applicants will be required to write an article for the ECSA Bulletin. Payment will be made upon receipt of an article.
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