Published here online for ECSA members periodically, the bulletin provides a resource of articles, news and views, and information on scientific research, conferences, workshops, publications and websites of relevance to estuaries and other coastal environments.

The bulletin is soon to be relaunched, and we would welcome feedback on the format and content. Older bulletins can be accessed by anyone visiting the website.

Members are invited to submit articles, photographs or other materials for a future issue. If you have any comments, contributions or requests, then please email bulletin-editor [at]

Instructions to authors are being revised and will be forthcoming.


ECSA Bulletins

Title Publication date File type Size
Bulletin 70 June 2020 (all day) 810.84 KB
Bulletin 69 September 2019 (all day) 870.09 KB
Bulletin 68 November 2018 (all day) 635.59 KB
Bulletin 67 March 2018 (all day) 2.06 MB
Bulletin 66 March 2017 (all day) 1.29 MB
Bulletin 65 April 2016 (all day) 1.65 MB
Bulletin 64 June 2015 (all day) 1.62 MB
Bulletin 62 December 2014 (all day) 4.04 MB
Bulletin 63 June 2014 (all day) 2.16 MB
Bulletin 61 June 2013 (all day) 4.47 MB
Bulletin 60 December 2012 (all day) 3.31 MB
Bulletin 58 December 2012 (all day) 3 MB
Bulletin 59 June 2012 (all day) 3 MB
Bulletin 57 June 2011 (all day) 1.22 MB