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ReMeMaRe and the latest updates

ReMeMaRe is an ambitious initiative that aims to reverse centuries of decline of our estuarine and coastal habitats by Restoring [seagrass] Meadows, [salt] Marsh and [oyster] Reef. 

Over the course of England’s history we have seen significant losses of our seagrass meadows, and we have witnessed an 85 % decline in the area of saltmarsh and a 95 % decline in the area of native oyster reefs. With the loss of these habitats comes the loss of the valuable benefits and services they would provide our society.

By re-establishing our precious estuarine and coastal ecosystems, we are enhancing society's connection to the natural world by creating nature-based solutions to climate change, sustainable food, health and well-being, as well as the socio-economic benefits of recreation and tourism that can help to alleviate deprivation in coastal towns.

What's new?

  • We have now published our 'theortical proposal' for a Blue Recovery Fund
  • Keep up to date with ReMeMaRe and have a quick read through our recent briefing note
  • The ReMeMaRe Team will speak at Coastal Futures 2021 on January 21st this year
  • The European Native Oyster Habitat Restoration Handbook has now been published 
  • England's restoration potential site maps for saltmarsh, seagrass and oyster reefs are now complete 
  • Defra's arms length bodies have formed a Steering Group who are driving ReMeMaRe forward
  • The Steering Group has worked hard to engage a wide range of environmental organisations and created a new Partnership 
  • The Coastal Partnerships Network have been recruited to develop the ReMeMaRe Engagement and Communication Strateg