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Our ambition

Our Vision

For restored estuarine and coastal habitats that benefit people and nature.


Our Mission

To restore at least 15 % of our priority habitats along the English coast by 2043.



Our Strategic Goals

Enhanced health and connectivity of estuaries and coasts by restoring priority habitats and species and expanding towards integrated seascape and landscape scale restoration.

Improved delivery and protection for restored habitats by streamlining legislative, regulatory, and policy processes and development.

Improved socio-economic regeneration of communities by maximising opportunities for job creation, training, and skills development created through restoration.

Better awareness of habitat restoration and socio-economic benefits to communities through coordinated communications at a national level to partners, the wider public, government and industry.

Supporting and coordinating research and development of tools, guidance, and monitoring and evaluation resources to set a standard and continuity of practice at a national scale.

Secure investment through a blended model of public, private and third sector funding to maximise restoration of habitats and socio-economic regeneration of communities.