Tuesday 16 July 2019
Cromwell Road
Natural History Museum
United Kingdom

Please note we have added the presentations from the meeting and a summary of the conference output. In addition we have added the Essex historic grazing marsh project report, this is in response to one of the questions discussed on the day.

Our near shore seas and estuaries in the North East Atlantic have been transformed by human activity with significant losses of key habitats and the services they once provided. We have the capability to reverse some of these changes and there is growing interest in, and examples of, habitat restoration.

The REACH North East Atlantic conference brings together experts from academia, government, NGOs and industry to recognise what we have lost, develop an understanding of what we can do and inspire a cause to restore estuarine and coastal habitats.

For further information, please see the attached flier and booking details can be found at https://site.corsizio.com/c/5c91268d4b3ca762e3792df7.

The final programme and directions to the Natural History Museum are attached below, along with information on the sponsoring organisations. These documents form the delegates' pack, and can be downloaded and printed if wished.


Attached file(s): 
PDF icon REACH Conference output747.72 KB
PDF icon Conference programme FInal497.02 KB
PDF icon Sara Maclennan Restoration & the 25year environment plan2.01 MB
PDF icon Peter Fox Restoring estuarine & coastal habitats in the NE Atlantic2.43 MB
PDF icon Callum Roberts Conservation must overcome shifted baselines5.61 MB
PDF icon Mike Best Saltmarsh, past, present & future11.49 MB
PDF icon Ralph Chami A framework for evaluating carbon sequestration, starting with cetaceans1.62 MB
PDF icon Tim Collins Restoring the coast - What are we trying to conserve?4.15 MB
PDF icon Rachel Hill Flood & coastal risk management - what role for habitats?2.74 MB
PDF icon Colin Scott Restoring saltmarshes with dredge sediment - recent advances3.29 MB
PDF icon Bill Sanderson Dornoch Environmental Enhancement Project (DEEP) - Successes & Challenges4.07 MB
PDF icon Richard Unsworth Sowing the seeds of recovery for our British coasts - a story of hope5.73 MB
PDF icon Steve Colclough Fish in intertidal habitats4.33 MB
PDF icon Aisling Lannin Marine Pioneer-Using a natural capital approach for salt marsh restoration1.36 MB
PDF icon Clementine Chirol Improving the science base - design & evolution of creek networks in restored salt marshes5.27 MB
PDF icon Tiziana Luisetti & G.Grilli The past, present & potential future of estuarine & coastal habitats in the East coast of England1.97 MB
PDF icon Penny Nelson Sustainable finance for marine management1.24 MB
PDF icon REACH Conference Closing slides733.81 KB
PDF icon A.Cunha Open coast seagrass restoration in Portugal. Large scale seagrass transplants. 3 minute presentation405.88 KB
PDF icon A.Debney Restoring native oysters in the Essex estuaries. 3 minute presentation840.02 KB
PDF icon J.Kean-Hammerson Solent Oyster Restoration Project; restoring oyster populations. 3 minute presentation2 MB
PDF icon K.Collins MARINEFF coastal enhancement project. 3 minute presentation797.45 KB
PDF icon S.Ashworth Sussex kelp forest restoration: enhancing fish habitats and biodiversity. 3 minute presentation465.66 KB
PDF icon Z.Ravenscroft Design of our Tyne – funding through innovation. 3 minute presentation1 MB
PDF icon Essex Historic Grazing Marsh Project8.1 MB
PDF icon Delegate notes870.98 KB
Package icon Virtual delegates' pack4.19 MB
PDF icon Restoration conference flier472.62 KB
PDF icon Directions to the Natural History Museum257.97 KB
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