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Joint AMSN - ECSA Focus Meeting: 2019 Australian Mangrove and Saltmarsh Network Conference on Wetlands of the Future

18 June 2019 to 20 June 2019
Melbourne, Australia

The AMSN 2019 conference theme ‘Wetlands of the Future’ directs our focus to the response of wetlands to global change, the continuing heavy losses of wetlands globally, and recent conservation and restoration efforts. We also address the significant role wetlands play in the mitigation of climate change and sea level rise impacts, such as through reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and through coastal defence. We strive to understand and address the extensive environmental and economic costs caused by wetland loss and the complex issues faced by conservation and rehabilitation efforts across an array of coastal wetland settings. Through exploring new practices and frontier research around the characterisation, development and management of coastal wetlands, we can better understand the role of these globally important and uniquely beautiful environments.

Please see the conference website for details and registration. ECSA members can register at a reduced rate.

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