Monday 4 November 2019 to Friday 8 November 2019
Agora du Haut-Carré
33405 Bordeaux

Global environmental changes nowadays affect natural systems at unprecedented rates and scales. Estuaries and coastal systems are particularly affected as transition environments concentrating multiple anthropogenic and climate influences. Scientific results from monitoring programmes around the globe therefore need to be gathered and compared  to identify long-term trends and explore spatial patterns of estuarine and coastal ecosystems responses to global change.

The CHEERS conference– “Global CHanges and Estuarine and coastal systems functioning: innovativE appRoaches and assessment toolS” aims at gathering competencies and expertise on top-notch research highlighting global and long-term trends on estuarine and coastal ecosystem dynamics, using a wide variety of analytical tools and approaches. Contributions covering different coastal systems, including but not restricted to estuaries, from a wide range of geographical areas and  using diverse of methodologies are expected. The integration of available knowledge for improving management tools and plans, as well as for the rehabilitation of coastal habitats, will be explored.

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