Wednesday 27 May 2015 to Thursday 28 May 2015
Le Havre

Restoration of estuarine environments, the example of the Seine estuary. Reconciling environmental issues and development challenges.

The meeting was co-organised by ECSA, Grand Port Maritime du Havre (GPMH) and Grand Port Maritime de Rouen (GPMR)

The purpose of this symposium is, firstly, to review Port 2000 environmental measures, and to introduce other ecological restoration measures which have followed for almost 15 years. Feedback from stakeholders will contribute to sharing scientific and technical information gained through the implementation of these actions. Secondly, the symposium will open onto discussing broader issues such as restoring estuarine ecosystems relying on prospective studies in the context of global change and sustainable management methods pertaining to estuaries of international importance.

- Estuarine restoration
- Estuaries and Climate Change
- Sustainable management of estuaries of international importance: reconciling environmental issues with developmental issues.

Organizing Committee

GPMH: Pascal Galichon, Director of Environment and Planning and Natacha Massu, Sonia Ledru, Sophie Bourgeois
ECSA: Jean-Paul Ducrotoy Member of the Board of Directors
GPMR: Sandrine Samson, Head of Environment

Scientific Committee
Geneviève Barnaud, Gilles Boeuf, Jean-Claude Dauvin, Victor de Jonge, Jean-Paul Ducrotoy, Mike Elliot,  Eric Feunteun, Pascal Galichon, Geoff Millward, Jean-Michel Olivier, Axel Romana, Nacima Baron-Yelles, Chair of the Program Advisory Board LITEAU



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