Sunday 13 October 2013 to Friday 18 October 2013

Theme covering:

  • Environmental challenges and remediation in view of climate change and related phenomena
  • Effects of dams on water resources management and on gomorphology/erosion/sedimentation in estuaries and coastal areas
  • Effects of engineering constructions within estuarine systems on geomorphology and sediment input from catchment and sea
  • Estuarine Wetlands, their restoration, rehabilitation and use as natural filter
  • Eutrophication, anoxia and harmful algal blooms
  • Technological advances for monitoring and managing heavily modified estuaries
  • Economic development and ecological and socio-cultural risks: the socio-cultural-economic-ecology interface
  • Biogeochemical cycles of bio-relevant materials from land and sea
  • Estuarine ecosystem ‘health’
  • Detecting change: technical developments in monitoring
  • Strategies for improved estuarine management

Special sessions: Writing, refereeing and publishing papers

More Information - ecsa2013 [at] (Prof Dr Xiuzhen Li) - State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research Website

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