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Conferences and Meetings

Here you can find a list of upcoming conferences and other meetings.

Events are shown in date order. See also the list of past Meetings and Conferences.

Conferences and other meetings are held in locations all over the world - see our map of event locations.

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Upcoming events

Date Event title Location Category
18 Jun to
20 Jun 19
Joint AMSN - ECSA Focus Meeting: 2019 Australian Mangrove and Saltmarsh Network Conference on Wetlands of the Future Monash University, Clayton Campus, Melbourne, VIC, VIC 3800, Australia Conference
16 Jul to
16 Jul 19
Restoring Estuarine and Coastal Habitats in the North East Atlantic (REACH North East Atlantic) Cromwell Road, Natural History Museum, London, SW7 5BD, United Kingdom Conference
4 Nov to
8 Nov 19
The CHEERS conference – “Global CHanges and Estuarine and coastal systems functioning: innovativE appRoaches and assessment toolS” Agora du Haut-Carré, Talence, Bordeaux, 33405, France Symposium
Date Event title Location Category
7 Sep to
10 Sep 20
Joint ECSA 58 - EMECS 13 conference in Hull in September 2020 University of Hull, Cottingham Rd, Hull, Hull, HU6 7RX, United Kingdom Conference