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NEW BOOK PUBLISHED - Marine Protected Areas - Science, Policy and Management

"Marine Protected Areas - Science, Policy and Management" by John Humphreys, Portsmouth Institute of Marine Sciences and Robert W.E.Clark of the Southern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority has just been published. The book follows on from the ECSA local meeting held at Poole, Dorset in May 2019, and is published by Elsevier.

In the face of unprecedented pressure on marine ecosystems, Marine Protected Areas are seen as a cornerstone strategy for conservation. While few argue in principle about their legitimacy, they remain contentious in policy terms and are challenging to manage. In addition to capturing a range of successes and solutions from across the world, this book lays bare ubiquitous difficulties of implementation and provides critical analyses ranging from the mis-application of science to international policy deficits and the causes of local challenges.

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17 November 2019
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