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The ECSA Files webinars are back

ECSA's series of webinars on current areas of research re-commences on 31st January 2023. Details of the webinar schedule for spring / summer 2023 can be found below. All webinars will start at 1 pm. Please register your interest by completing the form - link below. A link to the talks will be sent out on the day preceding the talk.

If you would like to give a webinar in autumn 2023 please get in touch with the organiser at j [dot] j [dot] dale [at] reading [dot] ac [dot] uk.

The first ECSA Files! webinar of 2023 will be on Thursday 2nd February at 1pm GMT. The talk will be given by Dr. Peter Mueller, research group leader in the Institute of Plant Science & Microbiology at the University of Hamburg. His talk will be on Plant mediation of soil-climate feedbacks in blue carbon ecosystems

Please use the following link to sign up for this webinar by Tuesday 31st January:



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6 January 2023