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Mario Lepage
Reseach Engineer
CESTAS, France

Biographical summary

I am pleased to be an ECSA ambassador as I work with estuaries for 30 years and I think that ECSA in probably the best community of people working on Estuaries and Coasts around the world. I do participate regularly in meetings organized by ECSA and I personally organised a local ECSA meeting in Bordeaux in 2011. I find it important to know that there is a wide community belonging to a dedicated topic like estuaries and coast in Europe and across the world. It provided me several contacts in the past and it still does nowadays and I think that sharing these experiences could help increasing the number of peoples that would like to get closer involve in the ECSA. I also think that several Master or PhD student are simply not aware that the membership is so cheap for them and that being a member could provide them cheap cost for their participation to meetings and eventual budget to help them to cover traveling fees. Having a membership at ECSA for young career researcher may also help them finding PhD and Post-Doc in future. I propose to act in that sense and to be an ECSA Ambassador for France.